Workplay Electrical Lift Up


L:600 X B:748 X H:725-1125
Note all dimension mm

Würfel Installation

2-4 Week


The Würfel Workplay Home Office Table is one of our popular ergonomic 2 legged electric height adjustable desks. The table uses a hydraulic mechanism making the desk move up or down, easy and fast. It’s very suitable for use in office or home, providing a different experience in using the desk. The desks are with the features of stable structure, smooth operation, easy assembly and low noise. It has three memory storage which can be operated with a switch. This table top comes with a laminate finish. The legs of the table are movable electronic metals ones that adjust themselves as per your height. This is a compact smart desk built for every smart home. The Workplay Home Office table has a height starting from 711.2mm and can be adjusted to a height of 1219mm. This table is perfect for those of you who have different styles of working